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Atlas Gloves:  A DIY Hand Gesture Interface for Google Earth

Files and DIY tutorial are up

July 27th, 2006 July 27th, 2006    11:40pm 11:40pm
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Hi guys,

sorry for the long wait, we wanted to polish the code and comment the source well before putting it here for download, but now it’s up. Go download the application and build your own Atlas Gloves. As you probably can imagine, this app is pretty hacky and is bound to work differently with different types of computers and webcams. We encourage you to play with the code and adjust it, we’ve made it as accessible as we could. Now it’s your turn.

enjoy the ride…

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7 Responses

  1. Craig

    I’ve had a little play and found it to be sketchy at first. I’m trying with two torches and it has some trouble deciding which one is higher than the other and it crashes a bit, I think it is when my arms reach outside the webcam area. So I’m going to have a go at make some proper globe-gloves and be further away from the camera so I don’t reach the sides of the screen.

    Mac OS X 10.4.6
    Google Earth 4

  2. mushon

    Hi Craig,

    thanks for your feedback. The main reason we use ping-pongs for Atlas-Gloves is becouse it creates two eavenly sized white blobs that are easy to track and calculate. I believe you can stabalize the code to work with your torches, we recommand the original ping-pongi Atlas Gloves. Let us know how it worked next time you try it…


    AG team.

  3. Craig

    Oh wow, it’s definitely better with better light sources, and being further away from the camera made it a lot more stable, but I still got a few crashes. It’s totally awesome, well done. I can’t wait to get this set up with a projector next weekend :-)

  4. Alan

    Off to assemble my Atlas gloves today. Thanks for making this available.

  5. Undead Pixel

    Terrible! You guys are mad and that’s wonderful! I want to use it for all my applications :)

  6. Henk

    Great application! I have built the gloves and it works well. I noticed that you need to keep enough distance from the camera. If not, then one light might be interpreted as a zoom in.

  7. force

    ive built the gloves and it doesnt work …. the app doesnt work…and the code is too old can u help me ???